Fujipoly elastomeric connectors

Zebra elastomeric connectors are a composition of alternating conductive and non-conductive layers. Insulation barriers can be applied.

Devices can be connected quick and easy without soldering, e.g. LCD-displays to PCB.

The conductive layers are oriented vertically in the thickness direction, making contact from top to bottom – no short cuts.

The conducting layers are made from carbon, silver or gold

W-connectors are able to connect complex devices with multiple contact rows.

Technical data of Fujipoly elastomeric connectors

Type/seriesPitchCurrent capacityTemperature
Carbon0,05 / 0,10 / 0,18 mm5 mA/mm²-40 bis 100 °C
Silver0,10 mm300 mA/mm²-40 bis 85 °C
Gold 80000,05 / 0,10 / 0,18 mm250 / 500 mA/mm²-20 bis 125°C
W-Matrix0,35 / 1,0 mm500 mA/mm²-20 bis 100°C

Reliable contacting without soldering

ZEBRA elastomeric connectors are ideal to connect electronic components where soldering is not an option or is too complex. E.g. they can contact LCD displays to PCB. Therefore a frame must be designed to provide the required pressure to hold the elementts together. Mounting process is simple: insert connector, clamp, ready. Elastomeric connections are robust solutions when shock and vibration must be dealt with.

In elastomeric connectors, conductive and non-conductive layers alternate. If choosing a pitch smaller than the contact distance more connections per contact point are realized by the Zebra element. Shortcuts in between the layers are prevented.

Conducting layers can be carbon, silver or gold plated coper wires. With the W-connectors multiple contact point rows can be connected.

W-connectors can be designed according to customer needs. We are pleased to assist your design.

Most important features of Zebra elastomeric connectors

  • Small pitch, high number of conductive layers
  • Low resistivity, high current capacity
  • Low clamping force
  • High electrical and mechanical reliability
  • Chemical resistance
  • Cost saving assembly

Can be used for

  • LCD to PCB
  • Flex circuit to PCB
  • PCB to PCB
  • Chip to board
  • Memory cards

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