Passive Thermal Management with Fujipoly

Fujipoly provides specific thermal components like gaskets, cases and extrusion profiles.

Putty-like gap fillers can be used to cover entire components.

Viscose gap fillers can be dispensed with automated dispensing systems.

Thermal Foil or Gap Filler?

Selection of right thermal interface material is driven by the entire design. Standard transistor circuitry requires thin film rubber-like materials that also provide additional high levels of electrical isolation.

Gap filler materials are used for more complex thermal problems such as in medical systems or industrial computers to effectively dissipate heat away from processors to heat sinks.

Based on our extensive years of experience in thermal management, we do not just sell off-the-shelf parts, we also provide optimized custom plug-in solutions.

Major applications:

  • Industrial Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Avionics