Industrial Tubes

Penta Tubes for industrial applications

Penta Tubes for medical applications

Penta Tubes for research

Electron Tubes from NetComSec, Penta and Teledyne

We represent some of the leading manufacturers of Electron Tubes. For instance Penta develop and produce tubes for transmitters, medical equipment, industry and specialist applicationsin avionics and for the Navy. Customized versions can be developed on request.

Overview of Brand-Names of Penta Tubes:

  • Machlett µ-Wave Devices (Planar Triodes, Power Grid Tubes, Thyratrons)
  • EG&G (Hydrogen Thyratrons)
  • Gold Aero (High-End-Audio-Tubes)
  • Teslovak (High-End-Audio-Tubes)

Triodes, Tetrodes and Pentodes

These tube types are old tried and reliable technology that still is in use in many different applications. Our manufacturer can optimize the tubes for your applications and customized tubes are available on request.


  • Radar
  • Radiophony ground to air


  • Induction welding
  • Surface hardening
  • Sterilization
  • Heat sealing
  • Drying equipment

Medical technology:

  • X-Ray units
  • Magnetic resonance imaging – MRI

Thyratrons – High voltage switch tubes up to 200 Kilovolt

There is no solid-state alternative to Thyratrons if high power must be switched very quickly.
Nucletron offers many different models from our premium supplier Penta Laboratories.

Anode voltages: 5 kV to 200 kV, Peak current: 100 A to 100 kA

Typical Applications for Thyratrons:

  • Linear accelerators in the Medical technology, Industry and High-Energy Physics
  • Lasers: CO2-Laser, Copper-Vapour Laser, Excimer-Laser
  • Radar

Spark Gaps

2- and 3-electrode Spark Gaps for voltages upto 50 Kilovolt

Applications for Spark Gaps:

  • Surge protection
  • Lightning protection
  • Transient protection
  • EMP protection
  • Pulse generators
  • Medical: Lithotripter
  • HV-Switch for Laser