High Reliability & Performance Electronics & Electromechanicals

Putty-like gap filler materials, for best fit without putting pressure on components

Nucletron offers High Voltage, Hermetically Sealed and Reed Relays as well as Low Voltage and Signal Relays.

Hermetically Sealed DC Contactors offer Safety Disconnect for all types of Energy Source.

Nucletron offers Penta Electron Tubes for Medical, Research and all types of Industrial Applications.

State of the Art metal ceramic TWTs are smaller, lighter and more efficient compared to Solid State components. Nucletron´s product portfolio includes certain TWTs from NetComSec, Teledyne and TMD.

Nucletron Technologies GmbH

Specialized Products, Competence in Service & Support

Nucletron Technologies represents the Technology Leaders in Power Electronics & Electro Mechanicals. Our Engineers provide design-in and application support as required

Nucletron products and components fit applications that demand the highest performance. For over 6 decades Nucletron has introduced and continues to support many famous brands into the German market.


New Products

Available now: SANYU Reed Relays for operating temps as high as 155 C

Lab Instrumentation: new DC-Source Model 526 and low-noise Preamp Model 7000 available from Krohn-Hite.

Nucletron Technologies at EMV 2017

We will be displaying at EMV 2017 in Stuttgart, Mar 28 through 30. We look forward to welcoming you in our booth C2-116, (A) joint booth with Sanyu Electric Inc., USA

Nucletron Technologies at EUMW 2017

We will be displaying at EUMW 2017 in Nuremberg, Oct 10 through 12. We look forward to welcoming you in our booth 303 (Joint booth with Sanyu Electric Inc., USA)

Nucletron Technologies at electronica 2018

We will be displaying at electronica in Munich, Nov 13 through 16. We look forward to welcoming you in Hall C3 Booth 510