Thermal- & Energy Management

Fujipoly, a leader in thermal interface technology, supplying customized extrusion profiles …

… putty like gap filler …

…. dispensable gap filler up to 5 W/mK

Single- and Multi-stage Peltier Elements for Heating & Cooling, …

… and also Energy Harvesting.

Customized solutions of thermal interface materials

Ideal thermal conduction is theoretically achieved when two smooth, scratch-free metal surfaces are in close contact. However in the real world consisting of plastic encapsulated electronic chips, of manufacturing tolerances, surface mounted chips and extruded heat-sinks contact gaps disrupt thermal flow creating dangerous hot spots.

Fujipoly’s product range of gap filler materials, thermal conductive foils and customized products provide the optimal solutions. Fujipoly is the global leader of thermal conduction technology, exclusively represented in the German speaking market by Nucletron Technologies GmbH.

Custom design Peltier Elements / thermoelectric coolers (TEC)

Nucletron offers a wide range of standard Peltier Elements in various dimensions and performance levels that meet the highest standards. Combination of different materials allow adaption to complex and highest application requirements

Even though Nucletron stocks a large range of standard elements, the majority of the TECs we ship are designed and supplied to customer specifications and all are manufactured in conformance with the ISO9001:2008 standard.

Energy Harvesting – Energy from waste heat

Energy Harvesting – thermal energy harvester
Instead of using electrical energy to cool or heat, the so-called Seebeck-effect of Peltier elements can be used to generate electrical DC power from a temperature differential between the hot and the cold surfaces. The generated energy levels are high enough to power small instruments and remote components, especially in wireless sensor technologies.