High-Power Contactors for DC and AC Applications


This High Voltage Contactor is mainly used as pre-charging device in high power DC-Systems


Hermetically sealed high-power DC contactor at an affordable price. (Bottom Mount or Side Mount.)


Hermetically sealed and compact high-power DC contactor with electronic economizer


The EV200´s ceramic switching chamber resists ambient temperatures up to 135 ° C. It is used in fuel cell applications.


3 Form A Contactor with Built-in coil economizer

Hermetically sealed pre-charge relays

P/NNom. CurrentContact FormCoil Voltage
PD55 ASPST-NO, SPST-NC, DPST (PCB)12, 24, 125 V DC

High Power. Hermetically Sealed Contactors

P/NNom. CurrentEconomizerHigh Temperature
LEV100100 Anono
LEV200500 Anono
EV100100 Ayesno
EV250400 Anoyes
EV500600 Anoyes

One- and n-terminal AC-Contactor

P/NContact FormNom. CurrentHermetically Sealed
AC303PST-NO60 A / Poleyes
FM2001, 2, or 3 pole200 A / 100 A per Poleno