Active Thermal Mangement: Thermoelectric (Peltier) elements for cooling & heating

Nucletron offers Peltier elements in dimensions of 2×2 mm up to a maximum of 60×80 mm and a heat pumping capacity of
< 1W to >200 W

Sample three-stage Peltier module.

Our strength is in customized design. E.g. a two-stage Peltier element in TO-5 housing.

Specialized designs & shapes with various material combinations are available.

Customized TEC-Modules for thermal management

Peltier-Elements with heat pumping capacities of <1W up to >200W and dimensions of 2×2 mm up to 60×80 mm are suitable for most applications. For special demands it is also possible to have much higher heat pumping capacities and also in combination with heat sinks and sensors. High precision ceramics provide a suitable base for printed circuits or optical components.

Our special robust TEC – series is optimized for cycling applications (DNA-analysis) with an MTBF expectancy of up to one million cycles.

TEC overview for cooling and heating (82 TECs)

Customized elements and modules:

  • For extremely high temperature differences (ΔT) – six-stage up to minus 133°C
  • For cycling – up to one million cycles
  • With heat sink – cold plate
  • In many different shapes

Various Applications:

  • Laboratory (Thermocycler)
  • Laser technology
  • Medical technology
  • Telecommunication
  • MIL/Aerospace

Cooling and heating with Peltier

In addition to the dimensions (length, width, height) also electrical data like current and voltage are important to achieve the target temperature difference ΔT or heat pumping capacity Qmax.

Especially high temperature differences are only feasible with multi stage Peltier elements with appropriate low Qmax

For high heat pumping capacities usually single stage modules are preferred. Most applications don’t require more than 200 Watts. Pls contact us for your higher heat pumping requirements.

The base ceramic (hot side) hosts solder pads for the lead wires. The top ceramic in general is called the ´cold side´, where the components to be thermally managed are mounted. The TECs can be supplied either pre-metallized or with plain ceramic ready for application of thermal interface materials or thermal glue.

By reversing polarity the cold side becomes the hot side. Through the application of thermistors temperature stabilization or reproducible temperature ranges can be achieved.