Energy Harvesting: Power generation with Peltier elements

Peltier-Module for power generation: Energy Harvesting.

Energy from waste heat

Peltier elements used as thermoelectric generators produce electrical current from waste heat. Essential is the temperature delta between the hot and cold side. The higher the delta the more energy is generated.

With Peltier technology the service intervals for battery replacement in small mobile instrumentation can be extended or even made unnecessary.

Overview of Peltier elements for power generation. (18 Energy Harvesting Modules)

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Most important applications:

  • Wireless, autonomous measuring systems in buildings– smart metering – remote metering , e.g. thermostatic radiator valves, wireless sensors, …
  • Sensors and actuator in industrial equipment (radio transmitter for measurement and control signal)
  • Automotive – e-mobility
  • Medical technology
  • MIL/Aerospace