Current Monitors from Pearson Electronics

Current Monitors are the right choice for applications where contactless measuring is necessary.

Current pulses up to 5 kA can be captured with Model 7655. The large internal diameter minimizes the risk of voltage flashovers.

The medical equipment industry uses Pearson Current Transformers in several applications including MRI

Contactless measuring of a.c. currents

Current Monitors from Pearson are the solution to measure a.c. currents from milliamps to megamps.

Main features of Pearson current monitors:

  • Contactless measuring
  • Sensing of current pulses from rise time of 2 nanosec onwards
  • Great inner diameter – ideal for HV-applications
  • Special Models for use in oil or vacuum
  • Interface to connect oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers , network analyzers and other measurement devices

Application examples:

  • Wave form and amplitudes in high- and low voltage circuits
  • Circuits where current-viewing resistors can´t be used
  • Pulse currents at HV: Microwave – and X-ray tube modulators, Linacs and Lasers
  • Transients and harmonics in heavy current networks
  • Currents in electrolytes and plasmas
  • Video- and HF-Currents
  • Phase adjustment of antennas

Typical User:

  • Medical technology: MRI and radiation therapy
  • Plasma research: Current monitoring at 13.56 MHz
  • High energy physics: Linear accelerators
  • Energy generation: Measuring harmonics and phase shift
  • Equipment manufacturers: Testing of power switches

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