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SANYU ZeroForce Connector for ECU-Test

Reliable and, above all, wear-free testing of electronic control units (ECUs) places high demands on test connectors regarding reliability, contact resistance, number of contacts, service life and versatility of the application.

The new ZeroForce connectors from TPM-Sanyu offer a life of 1 million contact cycles with consistent extremely low contact resistance of only 15mOhm over life.

This is achieved by the patented ZeroForce technology, which ensures a friction-free and thus wear-free plug-in connection. The contacts 'close' only after reaching the final plug-in position and establish a reliable low-resistance contact homogeneous across all contacts. Kelvin contact configuration available.

The decoupling process after the test run works correspondingly – the contact tongues open before the plug connection is released, which ensures a friction-free and wear-free separation.

The ZeroForce connectors are delivered with customer-specific numbers of contacts as well as housing forms required.

Developed and manufactured by Sanyu Electric, Inc., a US based subsidiary company from Sanyu Switch Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan, manufacturer of ultra-reliability RF components and microwave products for demanding communicating and signal processing applications.

Available now: SANYU Reed Relays for operating temps as high as 155 °C

New Relays by Sanyu

With the 2H-WJ series, Sanyu introduces the smallest SMD relay available on the market.
With dimensions of only 7.95mm x 3.81mm x 3.6mm, it lost 0.86mm over it´s predecessor type 2R. The relay switches 100 V, 0.2 A and is suitable for frequencies up to 7 GHz with a lifetime of 300 million mechanical operations. Typical applications are telecom and wireless technology as well as test systems.

The 10H-1T series is now also available with Gull-Wing connectors.
The relay has a switch (1Form C) and can switch 100V, 0.2A. Signals up to 7.5 GHz can be carried with a lifetime of 50 million cycles.

The Relay 1EH-14G-63 is specially designed for applications for the ATE (Automated Test Equipment) market. This relay can be used up to frequencies of 6 GHz. Switched currents up to 0.5 A, led to 1.0 Ampere. The switching voltage is indicated by 100V.

A 4 Form A relay is composed coupling series 1H-4A relays.
Each NO contact has a 50 Ohm shield, which allows signals from DC to 8 GHz to be mastered.
This relay is also capable of switching up to 0.5 A and running 1.0 A.

Lab Instrumentation: new DC-Source Model 526 and low-noice Preamp Model 7000 available from Krohn Hite.

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