FPC-Test Connector, Pogo-Blocks and Connectors

Sanyu FPC test connectors provide clamped connection with basically zero friction therefore with very low wear. The contact resistance is less than 100 milliohms.

Single ended pogo block provides high density spring-loaded contact arrangements

Coaxial pogo block provides highly reliable RF connections.

Suitable for high contact density of the pogo block Sanyu provides extremely small RF Connectors: SMMP and SMP with adapters.

FPC Test connector for frictionless contact

Sanyu FPC test connectors offer easy handling and zero friction connections contrary to traditional plug-in methods. The interposer contact resistance is less than 100 milliohms. The short electrical contact length (0.3mm) make it ideal for high frequency components.

For further information please see: www.sanyu-usa.com

Pogo block and micro RF connector

Single ended pogo block offers lower compression force interconnect solutions for high frequency signal interconnection for Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and telecom equipment that require signal rates exceeding 3.5Gbps at very high density.

Coaxial probes are ideal for high-rel interconnect solutions. High density cable assemblies for optimized signal integrity in smallest foot print with Sanyu´s SMMP connector.


  • Robust electrical and physical design for reliable operation
  • Flexible customized design
  • Combined with high quality TempFlex cable


  • Automated Test Equipment (ATE)
  • Telekommunications
  • Medical

Technical Details include:

Single Pogo Block
Coaxial Pogo Block
SMMP Connector
SMP Connector

For specifications and technical details on Pogo-blocks as well as the various RF-connectors and adapters pls see us at www.nucletron.de or www.sanyu-usa.com.