PD10 - High Voltage Relay used as DC pre-charge contactor

This hermetically sealed PD10 is used as pre-charging contactor for a high power contactor, e.g. for an EV200.

Technical Specification:

  • SPST Ceramic-High Voltage Relay
  • Vacuum-sealed
  • Contact Form: SPST-NO, SPST-NC, SPST-Latching
  • Related Resistive Load at 320Vdc: 10 A
  • Continuous Current Carry, Max. at 85°C: 25 A (Latching: 30 A)
  • Dielectric at Sea Level: 2000 Vrms
  • Coil Voltage: 12, 24, 125 VDC
  • Hold power: < 1 W
  • Operate and Release Time, Max. at 25°C: 10 ms (Latching:6 ms)
  • Dimensions: 79 × 22 × 38 mm (L x B x H)
  • Weight, Nominal: 72 g

PD10 Datasheet (PDF, 180 kB)

Application: pre-charging Relay in EV

Power-on of board electronics and power train of an electrically powered vehicle has to be controlled. A battery or fuel cell power-on would damage every switch in the system due to the capacitive nature of the load causing almost a short circuit current. The main contactor contacts would weld without choice. Therefore, the entire system is preloaded with a pre-charge resistor and a pre-charge relay – this is one of the most important applications of the PD10.

The vacuum-sealed PD 10 can safely operate in explosive and harsh environments.

Important information for use

  • Which load should be switched?
  • Determine the pre-charging resistor correct!
  • Timing