Automotive Relays

Open air and sealed Automotive Relays

Heavy Duty Relay with Faston Terminal

Automotive Power relay up to 100 Amp

Open air and sealed Automotive Relays

SeriesMax CurrentContact ConfigurationCoil Voltage
3520 A @12 VDCSPST-NO, SPDT6–48 VDC
35H40 A @12 VDCSPST-NO6–48 VDC
35HT70 A @12 VDCSPST-NO6–24 VDC
357245 A @12 VDCSPST-NO, SPDT6–24 VDC
4020 A @12 VDCDPDT12 VDC
4120 A @12 VDCSPDT12, 14 VDC
5370 A @12 VDCSPST-NO6–48 VDC
53PT100 A @12 VDCSPST-NO6–48 VDC
5460 A @12 VDCSPST-NO12, 14 VDC
61A15 A @12 VDCSPDT6–24 VDC
7330 A @12 VDCSPST-NO, SPDT6–24 VDC
7440 A @12 VDCSPDT6–24 VDC
7620 A @12 VDCSPST-NO, SPDT5–24 VDC
7822 A @12 VDCSPST6–24 VDC
7950/30 A @12 VDCSPST-NO, SPDT6–24 VDC
8320 A @12 VDCSPDT6–24 VDC
8410 A @12 VDCSPST-NO12–48 VDC
84 H200 A @12 VDCSPST-NO12–48 VDC

O/E/N Automotive Relays

We represent the Indian manufacturer OEN in Germany. OEN supplies the Indian production of renowned automotive manufacturers such as Ford and Daimler and brands Honda, Mazda and Toyota. The relays are designed for various voltages on board and switch drives in almost all sub-systems of passenger cars and commercial vehicles.