Hermetically sealed relays: TO-5, Grid and Crystal Can

Hermetically sealed relays in TO-5, Grid and Crystal Can housing

TO-5 and Crystal Can Relays from CII and Hi-G

P/NNom. CurrentContact FormsCoil Voltage
MA1 ASPDT, DPDTsensitive
MAD1 ASPDT, DPDTwith suppressor diode, sensitive
MADD1 ASPDT, DPDTwith suppressor and protection diode
MAT1 ASPDT, DPDTTransistor driven

.100 Grid relay from CII and Hi-G

P/NNom. CurrentContact FormsCoil Voltage
MGA1 ADPDTalso sensitive
MGAD1 ADPDTwith suppressor diode, also sensitive
MGADD1 ADPDTwith suppressor and protection diode
MGAT1 ADPDTTransistor driven
SMGA1 ADPDTSurface mount, sensitive
SMGAD1 ADPDTwith diode, Surface mount, also sensitive
SMGADD1 ADPDTwith2 diodes, Surface mount, sensitive

Crystal Can relays from STPI

P/NNom. CurrentContact FormsCoil Voltage
3032 ADPDT
3102 ADPDT½ Size Crystal Can, sensitive & latching
3112 ADPDT
3202 A4PDTalso latching
3155 ADPDT
3255 A4PDT
31410 ASPDT
316/31710 A / 15 ADPDTalso latching, certified for rail applications
32410 A3PDT
326/32710 A / 15 A4PDTalso latching, certified for rail applications
336/33710 A3PDTcertified for rail applications also latching
31825 ASPDTalso latching
32825 A3PDTalso latching

Relays for severe Applications

For signal level switching under extreme environmental conditions we offer a wide range of hermetically sealed relays. The metal housings in TO-5, .100 Grid or Crystal-Can-package are laser welded, resistive to severe shock & vibe and temperature extremes.

Spec details:

  • Contact Arrangement: 2, 3, 4 or 6 Form C
  • Switching Current: < 1 µA up to 50 A
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Gas filled: Constant Contact Resistance for many years
  • Temperature Range: -65 up to +125°C
  • Vibration und Shock resistant
  • RF-Relays up to 6 GHz
  • Standards: MIL, CECC, NFF, ASNE, …


  • Aerospace: navigation, engine control
  • Military
  • Navy
  • Telecommunication
  • Railway