Magnetrons for Pulse- and C.W.-Applications

Magnetron PT5060 from TMD.

915-MHz-Magnetron from Penta for industrial microwave heating.


Pulse-Magnetrons amplify the signal in Radars or Linacs. The frequency is determined by the internal structure ( size of the resonators ). Our portfolio includes Magnetrons from 1 GHz to 95 GHz with output power from 1,5 kW to 6 MW.


  • Air Traffic Control
  • Airborne- and shipborne radars
  • Tracking radar
  • Weather radar


  • Cleaning of materials and probes
  • Production of thin-films or layers (Microelectronic)

Linear accelerators (Linac):

  • Medical
  • High Energy Physics


We offer C.W.-Magnetrons for industrial heating with microwave energy:

  • Drying equipment
  • Plasma generation
  • Food Pasteurisation