Travelling Wave Tubes – TWT und TWTA

TWT from Teledyne MEC for Communications

TWT from Teledyne MEC for Radar- and EW-Transmitters

C.W.- and Pulse-TWTs from Teledyne MEC for Laboratory Applications

Coupled-Cavity-TWT from TMD for Air Traffic Control (2,75 to 3,05 GHz, 50 kW)

TWT LD7249 from NETCOMSEC (Ku-Band)

TWT LD7323 from NETCOMSEC (DBS-Band)

Instrumentation Amplifier (TWTA) from TMD for EMC-Testing, Radar simulation, High Energy Research and Component testing.

Microwave Power Modul (MPM) from TMD

Travelling Wave Tubes

Travelling Wave Tubes are still the best technology to produce high power microwaves over a broad frequency range. TWTAs using modern metal-ceramic Travelling Wave Tubes are smaller, lighter and more efficient than comparable Solid State Amplifiers. TWTs are the preferred choice over Magnetrons for stable high-resolution radars

We offer Coupled-Cavity and Helix-TWTs from a range of manufacturers, Travelling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTA) and High Voltage Power Supplies for TWTs (HVPS).

Travelling Wave Tubes for communications:

  • Frequency bands: Tri-Band, C, X, Ku, C/Ku, X/Ku, DBS, Ka und Ka/Q-Band
  • Applications: Ground-based and mobile radio

Technical Data of the TWTs from NetComSec for download (0.5 MB) 

Travelling Wave Tubes for EW and radars:

  • Shadow Gridded Helix TWTs for broadband-EW- and Radars
  • Frequency bands: L- to Ku-Band
  • Peak power: up to 12 kW
  • Average power: up to 700 W

Travelling Wave Tubes for Instrumentation:

  • C:W:- and Pulse-TWTs for Instrumentation Amplifiers
  • Frequency range: 1 to 44 GHz
  • Average power : up to 750 Watt

Technical Data of the TWTs from Teledyne MEC for download (11 MB) 

Travelling Wave Tube Amplifiers

We offer TWTAs from the manufacturer TMD for EMC, research, medical applications, radar-simulation, Radar and EW.

  • Frequency range: 1–44 GHz
  • Power range: 200 W to 50 kW

Product catalogue “Instrumentation Amplifiers” (TWTAs) from TMD

Product catalogue “Rugged Amplifiers/Transmitters” (TWTAs) from TMD

Microwave Power Moduls

TMD has developed compact ruggedized Microwave Power Modules for all kind of applications.
Each subsystem contains a mini-TWT.

Product catalogue “Microwave Power Modules” (MPMs) from TMD

High Voltage Power Supplies for TWTs

The High Voltage Power Supplies from TMD can be used to operate Travelling Wave Tubes from different manufacturers.

Product catalogue “High Voltage Power Supplies” (HVPS) from TMD