Gap Filler – standard, putty type or dispensable

The elastic super soft gap filler is compressed in between heat source and heat sink to improve thermal contact.

Putty like gap filler from Fujipoly can be easily formed to the right shape. Thermal performance can reach an outstanding 17 W/mK.

Putty like gap filler does not induce any significant counter pressure on surrounded elements.

Form in place gap filler for automated dispensing.

Dispensable gap fillers are available up to a thermal performance of 5 W/mK. They also keep their material properties for a long time.

Fujipoly also produces silicone free gap fillers and other materials that are also capable of absorbing electromagnetic fields.

Supersoft Gap Filler – super elastic

Super soft Gap Filler – super soft gap filler consists of elastic materials, which cover a specific range of thermal performance. In the application, the gap filler pad is mounted compressed in between the heat source and heat sink to provide improved thermal contact.

We distinguish the following types:

  • Plain Type
  • Plain Type with mesh
  • Plain Type with hardened surface
  • Plain Type with mesh and hardened surface

Technical data of Fujipoly gap filler see pdf documents

Standard Gap Filler Pads: 1,3 to 6,0 W/(m·K) 
High Performance Gap Filler Pads: 6,2 to 17,0 W/(m·K) 

Putty like gap filler

For certain set-up’s and PCB designs it is important not to induce counter pressure. Putty like gap filler from Fujipoly provide this feature. The easily conformable material is cut to a convenient size and compressed during the mounting process to the desired gap measure.

We provide the following variants:

  • Plain Type
  • Plain Type with aluminum film

Technical data of Fujipoly putty type gap filler see pdf documents

Material thickness: 1.5 mm and 2.0 mm, thermal performance: 4,5 to 11 W/(m·K) 
Material thickness: 0.11 mm and 0.5 mm, thermal performance: 6,6 to 17 W/(m·K) 

Form in place dispensable gap filler

Form-in-place gap filler can be dispensed with automated equipment including the benefit of optimizing material yield. Viscosity can be similar to common thermal pastes, but material properties remain stable over a long time.

Technical data of dispensable gap filler see pdf documents

Form-in-place gap filler with thermal performance 1.5 to 5 W/mK 

Gap Filler – heat dissipation without gaps

Gap filler serves as an interface between the heat source (e.g. processor) and the heat sink to eliminate gaps resulting from surface unevenness and manufacturing tolerances.

Super soft and putty-like gap fillers are provided in a standard form factor of 200 mm x 300 mm and can be cut to customized pad sizes. Pads are assembled mainly by hand. Dispensable gap filler can be applied automatically, gap size is variable. Form-in-place gap filler can substitute the use of thermal pastes and has the advantage of maintaining its material properties over a long time.

With it´s Sarcon product line Fujipoly is the innovation and technology leader of premium thermal interface materials. This range includes specialities like silicone free and electromagnetic wave absorbing materials.